Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Directly Supporting My Work

As some of you know, YT had removed the advertising rates from my accounts and most of the earning for hundreds of videos was reduced by approximately 75% overnight. On top of this, most of the videos have now been demonetised for 'Inapproriate Content'. Including several of the Labyrinth of the Psychopath videos which I am told by many people helped save their lives or got them through a difficult time. I know I am not the only person who has been screwed by this change to YTs corporate policies. I make a pittence from book and art sales. I am neither JK Rowling, nor Tracey Emin.

This means I have lost most of my regular income. To add to matters, unfortunately a major life challenge has arisen which has left me in financial dire straits. I understand this is part of the unconventional life I have chosen and it is very much part of the risk factor going down this bohemian road. I am not blaming anyone but myself and bad luck/timing.

What prevents me from applying for a regular 'matrix' job is that I have had my character and reputation attacked on line non-stop for seven years now with out and out lies, wild distortions and slander by psychopaths, pathologically codependent borderline personalities, cults, addicts, stately home Trotskyites and the mentally ill, as well other vested interests and operatives who have taken any kind of a 'normal' future away from me. I have no criminal record of any kind and have always worked and paid my own way in life. No wealthy family or anything of the sort.

As you can see from the Lionel Richie in Hell video and comments below it, apparently me trying to make life more fun and to point out it absurdities over the years somehow proves I am completely 'evil' to people who do not have the cognitive ability to process satirical comedy and tell 'taking the piss' from being serious. A huge portion of the world does not have the intelligence to grasp that satire is not real, and for years this has been used against me as jokes and funny stories I have shared OPENLY with my mates and on Facebook and elsewhere are being used as 'proof' by desperate and wicked motherfuckers as some how 'evidence' against me.

As stupid as it sounds this has real life consequences, from complete strangers - often with obvious mental health issue - walking up and calling you names in the street, to making things like careers and bank loans impossible. This has been the primary objective of these entities: to weaponize the psychotic and unhinged against me. Again, this was my choice and I know this.

The organisations and hidden spooks who have attacked me are doing their work well and in at least one case one religious fanatical doomsday cult is 'friendly' with George Soros - by their own admission made on their website several years back - and until you put your name out there, you simply have no idea how wicked this game actually is.

I am not going into detail about my predicament as it is very private.  This is a very serious crisis for me and as soon as the impasse is dealt with, I will remove the donations button and be grateful for any help which you have provided me with. I do have very real and secure plans for my income in the future to deal with the YT annihilation and it is going to take a year or so to get going. Life just threw me a hell of a curve ball and right now survival and security is my primary concern. This is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do as I am a workaholic by nature, but with very little to show for it.

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